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Born to be a Runaways fan – The Runaways fan tribute

This post has an English and a Portuguese version / Esse post tem uma versão em inglês e em português.

Next month Main Records is going to release Take it or Leave It: A Tribute to the Original Queens of Noise: The Runaways. The 2-dics album features 36 tracks performed by many bands including an “American Nights” version featuring Cherie Currie herself and a last recording by Sandy West. Click here for more information about the album. The setlist:

  1. Queens of Noise (The Donnas)
  2. Black Leather (Shonen Knife)
  3. I Love Playin’ With Fire (The Binges)
  4. Heartbeat (Bebe Buell Band)
  5. Lovers (Deena & The Laughing Boys)
  6. California Paradise (Frankenstein 3000)
  7. Wasted (Delirium Tremens)
  8.  Wild Thing (Richie Scarlet)
  9. Neon Angels On The Road To Ruin (Blue Fox)
  10. Is It Day Or Night (The Easy Outs featuring The Doughboys Gar Francis)
  11. Little Lost Girls (Laura Warshauer)
  12. C’mon (White Flag)
  13. You’re Too Possessive (Cali Giraffes featuring The Fastback’s Kim Warnick)
  14. You Drive Me Wild (Tara Elliott & The Red Velvets)
  15. Thunder (Planet Sorrow)
  16. Yesterday’s Kids (Robbie Rist)
  17. Little Sister (Serpenteens)
  18. School Days (The Adolescents)
  19. Dirty Magazines (Blue Fox featuring Sandy West)
  20. Cherry Bomb (The Dandy Warhols)
  21. Hollywood (Richard Barone)
  22. Saturday Night Special (Care Bears On Fire featuring Earl Slick)
  23. Gotta Get Out Tonight (Derwood Andrews)
  24. Blackmail (David Johansen)
  25. Trash Can Murders (The Ribeye Brothers)
  26. Rock N’ Roll (Digger Phelps)
  27. Born To Be Bad (Toilet Boys)
  28. Midnight Music (The Swales)
  29. American Nights (Frankenstein 3000 featuring Cherie Currie)
  30. I Wanna Be Where The Boys Are (F-13)
  31. Gettin’ Hot (The Stay At Homes)
  32. Fantasies (Kittie)
  33. Waitin’ For The Night (Starz)
  34. Secrets (Jack Brag)
  35. Don’t Go Away (Clinical Trials)
  36. Dead End Justice (Kathleen Hanna, Peaches & Ad-Rock)

After seeing this tribute to the band, I´ve decided to launch a fan tribute myself. It´s a project called Born to be a Runaways Fan.

The idea is that we – the Runaways fans – do something in order to celebrate the band. And it can be done in many ways. You can post something about them on your Facebook Profile or your blog; you can comment on a song lyrics; you can post a photo; you can post a video on Youtube; you can record yourself singing something; you can dance; you can tell your story about the first time you listened to the band; you can talk about how much your friends just don´t understand why you´re so fucking in love with the band; you can do whatever you want to express you´re a Runaways fan. All you have to do is use the banner and spread the news to Runaways fans. Feel free!

Let´s rock!

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